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Wrangler’s Roost

Wrangler’s Roost (1941)

Black Bart was a notorious but polite stage robber in 1899 when he was was caught and sentenced to seven years, but he apparently disappeared after serving seven years in prison. Now, ten years later in 1916 someone has adopted Bart’s m.o. and is ribbing stagecoaches again but without Bar’s good manners and respect for life. This reincarnation of the notorious bandit doesn’t have the same respect for human life. The Range Busters are assigned to ferret out the outlaw whoever he is. The only clue is that the old Bart had a penchant for gambling by betting on the number the number three. With their new identity the boys pose as strangers although they immediately become rivals for the affections of Molly Collins, daughter of a reformed alcoholic who wants to deed his in-town property to a new church, but the gang boss impersonating Bart has different plans… for a red-light area of a saloons and gambling halls.

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Genre: Western


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Duration: 57 min

Quality: HD


Tagline: He Bluffed The town With An Empty Gun - But Couldn't Fool The busters

Original Title: Wrangler's Roost