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The Greatest Is the Least

The Greatest Is the Least (1997)

The Greatest is Least is the story of how a man named Blastus tries to improve his standing with King Herod Agrippa by arranging a celebration with the neighboring lands of Tyre and Sidon. Blastus is shocked to find out Agrippa is already determined he must become the supreme ruler and has decided to invade these countries. In addition to this, Agrippa has had many Christians arrested for their faith in Jesus and has had them put in prison. James, an apostle of Christ, is arrested as he is trying to build a well to provide for the growing number of Christians. During James’ imprisonment, he hears guards arguing over who will receive the new position of leadership in the prison. These events cause him to reflect upon the teachings of Jesus concerning authority. He remembers a time when his mother had approached Jesus and asked that he and his brother, John, sit at his right hand. Peter and Andrew also had a great desire for this honor. As the men argued among themselves, Jesus began to wash their feet. He humbly told them that even the son of man did not come to be served but to serve. James is moved by his memory and offers to take the place of an old man who is about to be whipped in prison. Vespi, the guard, assumes James is looking for favor in the eyes of the guards and trying to get ahead in the world. As James is lead to his execution, he is smiling at the old man and hears the sounds of angels singing. He is prepared to joyfully meet his master in Heaven. In the meantime, Agrippa is being worshiped as a god at the Banquet. The kings of Tyre and Sidon give Agrippa the praise for which he longs. As Herod Agrippa stands in his self proclaimed glory, God strikes him dead. In his arrogance he has neglected to serve and give honor to the one true God of Heaven.

Duration: 30 min

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