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The Avenging Eagle

The Avenging Eagle (1978)

Chi Ming-sing is a former disciple of a gang run by overlord Yoh Xi-hung. Yoh’s disciples hunt Chi relentlessly as he travels on a soul-searching journey. He comes to the aid of a seemingly bumbling man who hardly takes even life-threatening scenes seriously. The man Chi saved starts following him on the road, explaining that he’s looking for someone who committed a grievous, unforgivable wrong. As the two travel on the road, it starts to become clear that Chi’s companion is more than he seems: he’s actually a very skilled martial artist, and his boots contain short blades that he can attach to his sleeves. Chi finally tells his companion his story: he’s seeking out a renowned swordsman named Cheuk Yi-fan… not to kill him, but to die at his hand. Chi is haunted of the last job he did with the gang, slaughtering many of Cheuk’s family and friends… and Chi himself slew Cheuk’s pregnant wife. Chi’s companion agrees to help Chi with his mission. But when the two arrive at Yoh’s stronghold intent on killing him, Yoh recognizes Chi’s companion as none other than Cheuk Yi-fan himself. Will Chi and Cheuk be able to remain together against Yoh’s formidable fighting style, or will Yoh succeed at dividing and conquering his foes?

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Genre: ActionAdventureDrama


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Duration: 90 min

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