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Reanimator Academy

Reanimator Academy (1992)

The “DED” heads of the Delta Epsilon Delta Fraternity house all know how to party – expect for Edgar Allan Lovecraft. Edgar would rather spend his time locked away in his room trying to find a cure to death itself. When Edgar develops a successful reanimation serum and uses it to bring a severed head back to life he declares that he has at last solved the mystery of life and death. That attracts the attention of local gangster, Mugsy who wants Edgar to use the miraculous serum to revive his murdered moll, Hotlips. Things don’t go to plan however, and the reanimated Hotlips turns out to be an insufferable shrew with a nasty habit of decapitating the student body. Can Edgar, Mugsy, his henchman Bruno and Fred the severed head stop her?

Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD


Tagline: Readin', writin' and reanimatin'!