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Poison Flower

Poison Flower (2015)

Gundega, a Latvian former prison officer, is on the run from a drugs possession charge. Surviving on benefits paydays in a makeshift camp in the woods in Harlow in the UK, she befriends Melanie, a local heroin user and ex-con, mourning the death of her Latvian boyfriend. Their friendship provides each of them with something they crave: for Gundega, it is someone to care for, for Melanie, it is a genuine friend among all the ‘scumbags’. But trouble is never far away. Drowning in a co-dependent, vicious downward spiral, can Latvia now offer a dream escape for both of them from their punch-drunk, giro-junkie street life, or will Gundega’s past finally catch up with her?

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Genre: Documentary



Duration: 60 min

Quality: DVD