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Ho kong fung wan

Ho kong fung wan (1998)

It was the summer of 1991, Macau was in violent atmosphere. The two major triad gangs, separately headed by Giant and Bing were fighting for the control of the local casinos, with heavy casualties on both sides. The citizens live in fear. However Bing did not regard Giant as a rival. To establish his own reputation, Giant challenged Bing to an open battle which allowed their fellow attacking each other for a period of seven days to see who will be defeated. With the support of an affiliated gang headed by Lee, Giant won the battle and made his mark in the triad world. Bing plotted a revenge against Giant that he bribed the police officer to put Giant on the wanted list. Although Giant was in a critical condition he planned a counter attack against Bing which caused a series of street fighting in Macau.

Duration: 92 min

Quality: HD