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Filthy (2017)

“Filthy” is the coming of age story of a subtle seventeen-year old Lena. In love with a boy for the first time, Lena longs for freedom and adventure. Her magic world is shattered instantly during one day. Instead of sharing her trauma Lena remains silent, keeping it a secret even from her best friend. Feelings of guilt, shame, filth and fear that nobody will believe her. This drives her to attempt suicide. While her family is in shock, Lena ends up in psychiatric ward. In the middle of wild and non-understood kids, she’s discovering she is not alone in her experience. But when her close room-mate hangs herself Lena hits the bottom. This prompts the doctors to suggest electroconvulsive therapy. Lena agrees; anything that will make her forget seems better than her current life. First, it seems that the electroshocks really helped and – apart from memory loss – Lena is well again. But living the old teenage life doesn’t last long. Her memories gradually come to the surface, like a nightmare. This time, however, she does not fall into the same abyss and instead tries to face the trauma. She starts to feel great anger, but does not direct it towards herself anymore. Lena refuses to be a victim and finds courage to allow her emotions to come up, look at what happened and starts to breath again.

Duration: 87 min

Quality: DVD