1- Do I need a high-speed internet connection to watch videos on MovgoTV.com?

Absolutely not. You can change the quality setting while you watch your favorite video any time to get continuous streaming. Actually, you don’t have to do anything because our smart player chooses the best quality that fits your speed connection but if you want to, just hover your mouse on the video screen and click on gear icon at the bottom right corner then select your desired quality.

2- How to Report a broken video link?

Click on the “Report” yellow button under the video embed container at the right bottom corner
and choose from the drop-down menu your reason for the report. We will fix it as soon as possible.

how to report a dead link for a movie


3- I can’t find my Favorite movies, How I can find it?

First of all, try to search for your favorite movie’s title without the “released year” number at the top right search button (besides the top menu bar), if you couldn’t find it in the search results then please use the Request Form and we will post it as soon as possible.

how to search for a movie

4- How to know the version of the movie that I am watching?

Just hover your mouse on the movie’s thumbnail and check this icon in the dialog in the following image.

how to find the movie quality

5- The Movie doesn’t play, it keeps loading. Why?

If it takes too long to load and didn’t play then please try to clear your browser cache first by pressing these two keys together in your keyboard (CTRL + F5).
If it still doesn’t work after refresh, You need Flash Player installed in your browser.

P.S.: We recommend you to switch to Chrome for a better experience.

6- The Movie is Playing but There is no sound

It seems that you are browsing our site from the mobile phone. There are some mobile devices make the sound mute and default, all you need is just enable it from player control options.

how to fix no sound issue

7- Do You Have The Live Search Function?

of course, we have it and it works exactly like IMDB.
just start typing your movie title in the search bar at the top right corner and you will get your search result fast and nice.

movgotv live search

8- How to activate cinema mode to enjoy the watching?

Click on the “Turn off light” grey lamp button under the video embed container at the left bottom corner.


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